Cleaning "ULTRA" Electrostatic Filters

Proper cleaning of your “ULTRA” electrostatic, washable air filter will assure you of receiving all the benefits that the “ULTRA” was designed to give.  Your “ULTRA” filter must be thoroughly cleaned every 45 to 60 days.  Cleaning period can vary depending on your geographic location.

 If necessary, vacuum excess dust from the entering side of the “Airflow”.  Spray both sides with G-Wizz, electrostatic filter cleaner or a similar degreaser or non-acid coil cleaner.  Back wash with water, using the spray nozzle on a garden hose.  Back wash from the opposite side that was vacuumed.  Thoroughly rinse with clean water.  Shake filter to remove excess water and stand with drain hole down.  Filter can be reinstalled when damp.  Car wash water pressure is too high and can damage the filter media.  Do not place in dishwasher!

If you are using the “ULTRA” Carbon Air Filter, remove the carbon pad before washing. After the filter has dried, replace the carbon pad.

**NOTE:  For the maximum benefit, set your system’s fan switch to manual and adjust your thermostat accordingly.  This will allow the air to be pulled across the electrostatic air filter and the air will be cleaned continuously with the small fan motor running, not your compressor.

“ULTRA” Lifetime Warranty:

ACI Manufacturing warrants the “ULTRA” washable furnace filters for life, under normal use and service in the equipment in which it was originally installed.  Warranty shall not apply to filters that are damaged or altered in any way.  Filters must be properly maintained per these cleaning instructions.

Warranty Exclusions:

Filter media is not compatible with ultraviolet light.

Example:        (1)  Extended exposure to direct sunlight

                      (2)  Ultraviolet disinfectant systems

The “ULTRA” custom furnace filters MUST be placed at least 6’ from a disinfectant system and not in direct path of ultraviolet rays.  The best placement of the filter is in the return air handler.