Odor Neutralizer/Counteractant

 air neutralizer

Neutronic’s specially designed gel for return air ducts is an odor neutralizing agent that eliminates malodors caused by mold, smoke, pets, chemicals, sewers, mildew, etc. – without the use of heavy perfumes.


Simply remove lid, turn container upside down, and empty contents onto lid. Place in desired area out of reach of children. Neutronic is now actively destroying odors. Neutronic is long lasting, but loses effectiveness over time. Change every 3 to 5 months.

Recommended Uses:

Place upside down on lid and place on top of electrostatic furnace filters. Great for cars: Cut a hole in the lid and place under vehicle seat.

Use anywhere foul odors are present:

*Hotels *Apartments *Homes *RVs *Boats *Hospitals *Bathrooms
*Kitchens *HVAC (Return Air Ducts)

8 oz. Gel    $6.99