HEPA Air Filter Replacements

Dri-Eaz 500 Air Scrubber

Hepa 500 Replacement Air Filters

Replacement air filters for DefendAir®* 500 air scrubbers are now available.  ACI’s replacement HEPA filters are made with equivalent and quality materials at a much lower price.

These alternate Dri-Eaz® HEPA 500 air filters are made right here in Oklahoma by military veterans.  Unlike the Chinese manufactured filters currently on the market and the only available aftermarket replacement filter, ACI’s filters are “just as good” and they actually cost less.

Made of high quality materials and tested to the same air flow standards we are able to provide a quality product that costs your company less money and at the same time your purchases allow us to employ returning service veterans. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Now available replacement Phoenix™ air filters for dehumidifiers, drying systems and air scrubbers.

First and second stage filters

Scrubber Filter

HEPA 500 Replacement Filter



PreFilter for Dri Eaz 500
6/Case $38.40

Optional PreFilters

Two prefilters may be used for environments with a high volume of aerosolized particles to extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Carbon PreFilters (Case of 12) $96.00
Our 3/8” thick carbon pad acts as a molecular magnet attracting and holding odors and some chemical contaminates. Activated carbon is recognized to adsorb odors and gases.

Polyester PreFilters (Case of 12) $45.12
Our standard 1/2″ thick polyester media.

*Dri-Eaz® is a registered trademark and has no association with or makes any endorsement of the products provided by ACI Manufacturing Inc. Any use of a brand name or model designation is made solely for the purpose of demonstrating compatibility.